OWS University

Being an author is tough. Whether you are indie or traditionally published, there are tools that you need that a regular university education cannot prepare you for. The internet can help, if you have a ton of time, money, or great connections, but even then you cannot guarantee the resources you are getting.

We know. The staff at Our Write Side have been playing the internet resources game for years! We wanted to save you time, money, and frustration, so we developed OWSU.

OWS-U contains a series of month-long master courses created by authors for authors. This is our years of research, webinars, and practical experience distilled into four weeks of materials to help you take off without the frustration and without breaking your bank.

OWS-U  courses are available at your convenience through Teachable.

  • Writing 101- Taught by author JK Allen
  • Maximize Your Virtual Book Tour Masterclass– Taught by author and marketing expert Heidi Angell
  • Maximize Your E-newsletter Masterclass- Taught by author and marketing expert Heidi Angell
  • Social Media 101- Taught by marketing sorceress Megan Elliott-Dozier
  • 30 Days to your Author Platform- Taught by Executive Marketing Director Amanda Mabry

More courses coming soon.