Author Marketing Services

You have done the heart part. You poured your heart and soul, blood and tears, and a smidge of rum into that book you are cradling right now. Or, you’re at the very beginning of the journey and you want a leg up on building a solid readership. Either way, OWS Flight team is here to help your story take flight with book marketing services such as getting your story into stores, having a digital presence, and advertising correctly. This is what Marketing is all about and we have the professionals to help you.

Marketing Packages

Virtual Book Tours

We set up tours for you ranging from a week-long tour with at least 5 stops up to a six-week launch tour with up to 30 stops. Starts at $50

Twitter Promotion

Help authors develop 10-12 promotional tweets with graphics to promote their books. Shared on our own social media as well. Starts at $10

Facebook Parties-

This includes: 1-day party with set up, graphics, arranging authors and promoting the event. A personal assistant to help run the event and keep everyone on task is also part of the deal. Starts at $50

Bargain Book Promotion-

Share an announcement about your book sale across our social media feeds, authors feeds, and newsletters. Starts at $10

Local Event Planning Package-

We have authors and partners in a variety of states all across the US. They plan events and welcome other local authors to attend. Here are a few of the events planned for 2018:
             Indie Author Day in Salt Lake City, Saturday Oct 13th library event $10 for advertising the event
             December Game Haven Event for Science Fiction/Fantasy in Salt Lake City,
             February Barnes & Noble event Salt Lake City. Starts at $10

Advertisement Campaigns-

Here, we assist in setting up and optimizing Amazon AMS ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google AdWords and ads on the Google ad exchange. Starts at $100

Annual Marketing Plan-

We will help you set up an annual marketing plan, starting with a free consultation. Our plan will include a Good (all the work is on you, but it’s free!), Better (built on where our team can assist for set costs for services like graphic design, create publicity lists, social media consultation, website consultation, advertising consultation, etc.), and a Best (A monthly fee based on having our team on hand for a certain number of hours each month to assist where needed.) plan.

Meet some of our amazing marketers and see samples of the work they’ve done for other clients.

Want our help? Contact us for details on a service you are interested in, and the budget you are working with and we will get a plan over to you.