Author Business Services

Welcome to Chrysalis! Our Write Side has built up an amazing author community through our blog and facebook groups and has been publishing books for a years now. We realized some things through this process.

  1. We can’t publish all of the books. No matter how much we may want to, we just can’t.
  2. Many of you amazing authors don’t want to publish under a house. You want to be independent.
  3. Our team would like to help.

And so Chrysalis was born. The idea is to provide services to authors who want to remain independent, but still want a top quality product and just need help in specific areas. We help in every aspect of publishing, but you can select which part you want help with.

Our goal is to provide all the services you might need to take your book from a caterpillar (1st draft) all the way through the Chrysalis process to becoming a beautiful butterfly ready to take flight.

So where do you need help?

Editing- Check out OWS Red Ink team, and find the developmental editor/ copy editor/ proofreader who’s just right for your project and competitive price points to match your budget.

Graphic Design– OWS Creative Designs has all your graphic design needs from covers to interior layout, from book quote images to banners and posters, logos and social media graphics, we have built up an awesome team. Check out our prices and see samples of our designers works.

Marketing–  From grass-roots marketing to advertising, our team is here to help your book take flight. Whether you need help with social media or real-world events, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

Looking for a service and you don’t see it listed? Contact us with a request.