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Come join in our new classes and learn how to not just write gud, but write better!

OWS Flight Team

When it comes to marketing, we've got the tools, resources, and knowledge to help you and your book take flight. Watch your dreams soar with our marketing services!

OWS Creative Studios

From book covers to formatting and anything in between, logos and author branding, marketing and ads, we have a creative team to meet all your design needs. Check out the OWS Ink difference today!

OWS Red Ink

From developmental to proofreading, our editing services cover it all. Submit your manuscript with confidence and without breaking bank.

What Our Client Says

Brandon Martin on Author Services / Author

Having a dream of becoming an author is one that is not so rare, but finding a community that not only supports your dream but one that also helps you find your way is priceless. From the various prompts that can be found during the week, OWS makes me challenge myself by changing settings and genres to others that I do not have much experience in. The people within the company treat you like a friend and care about your work, they’ll explain to you how something would be better in a different way instead of the usual “this is wrong, fix it” manner. If it wasn’t for OWS I’m sure I would not have continued my future in writing.

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Mandy Melanson on Author Services / Founder of Rhetoric Askew, Author

The support and encouragement to succeed. Expectations to improve and not make excuses for myself or my terrible first drafts.

Tough love and respect.

This is a writing family that pushes each other to new heights while providing a platform for emerging voices.

Love and support all around.

E.C. Jarvis on OWS Red Ink Editing Service / Author

This was the first time I had used OWS for editing. I have worked with several other editors in the past so I had a good idea of what sort of service I expected for the price I paid. They lived up to my expectations with fast, efficient, accurate, and good value work. I would highly recommend their editing services to other authors.